5 Non-Profit Organizations Helping Save Planet

Giving Tuesday - Outdoor Non profit organizations

In honor of Giving Tuesday here is a list of my top organizations focused on saving the great outdoors for generations to come, and in a lot of cases- working with the younger generations to help make that happen.

5 Non-Profit Organizations Helping Save Planet

Sierra Club

Founded by John Muir in 1892 the Sierra Club works to save the planet by keeping the wild areas protected and educating people in the process. They are working to get to a world that is beyond coal, oil and towards one that restores forests and natural habitats. Their mission statement reads like a great outdoor manual: “To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth;”

Ocean Conservancy

They work for a healthy ocean that will sustain the planet for generations to come including removing trash from the oceans and creating marine protected areas.

Rainforest Alliance

We collected pennies for this organization when I was in elementary school to help save pieces of the rainforest. Still in place today they work with locals to provide a sustainable approach to living in the rainforest. Plus any organization that works closely to teach kids and the next generation about saving the environment deserves a donation.

Humane Society

Find your local Humane Society shelter and donate your time if you don’t have the funds to donate money. They work to not only protect domestic animals like cats and dogs and help get them adopted, but they also look at core issues regarding animal cruelty in order to come up with solutions to end them.

Sacred Stone Camp at the #NoDAPL protest site

Those fighting for their rights as Native Americans as well as helping to protect the environment by protesting a pipeline that will destroy water quality, sacred sites and so many other things. A list of items needed at the protest camp is available if you’d rather give items rather than monetary donations.

Best non profit organizations and websites for volunteering and donating ideas when it comes to ways to help save the planet and its natural resources

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