50 Blueberry Recipes you Have to Eat Now

50 Blueberry Recipes

As strawberry picking season comes to a tearful end the next berry-picking season – Blueberries – begins. Which means an abundance of delicious blueberries- so here are 50 blueberry recipes to help you get started enjoying them!

Not only are blueberries incredibly healthy and high in antioxidants, but they also taste amazing and can enhance just about any meal- from sweet to savory! Plus they travel well, so consider packing along a pint or two when you head out on your next road trip!

Note: Blueberry season is typically around the first week in July and goes until the third or fourth week (location dependent- mid to southern Minnesota in this case).

The Breakfast Blueberry Recipes

Wild Rice Porridge with dried blueberries

  1. Wild Rice Porridge
  2. Red, White, and Blueberry Parfait from Culinary Hill
  3. Creamy Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding from Fit Foodie Finds
  4. Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast from Small Town Woman
  5. Flour Free Banana & Blueberry Pancakes from Green Kitchen Stories
  6. Blueberry Applesauce Muffin from Pickles Travel Blog
  7. On top of Oatmeal or by the handful!
  8. Clean-Eating Blueberry Breakfast Crumbles from Amy’s Healthy Baking
  9. Lemon Blueberry Breakfast Quesadilla from Smile Sandwich
  10. Buttermilk-Blueberry Breakfast Cake from Alexandra Cooks

The Beverage Blueberry Recipes

Fresh Blueberry Lemonade Recipe

  1. Banana Blueberry Smoothie from What’s Gaby Cooking?
  2. Blueberry Margaritas from Gimme Some Oven
  3. Blueberry Lemonade from Julie’s Eats & Treats
  4. Kiwi-Blueberry Mojito by Laylita’s Recipes
  5. Blueberry Basil Fizz by Civilized Caveman Cooking
  6. Mixed Berry Sangria by TheKitchn
  7. Mixed Berry Mint Lemonade by The Speckled Palate
  8. Blueberry Cucumber Smoothie
  9. Fermented Blueberry Soda from Learning Herbs
  10. Blueberry Thyme Shrub from Just Make Me Something

The Meal-Time Blueberry Recipes

  1. Blueberry Chutney served on top of Grilled Pork or Chicken
  2. Blueberry Balsamic + Goat Cheese Flatbread with Arugula from A Better Happier St Sebastian
  3. Blueberry Chicken Chopped Salad from Gimme Some Oven
  4. Blueberry “Pizza” with Honeyed Goat Cheese and Prosciutto from Steele House Kitchen
  5. Berry and Spinach Salad with Blueberry Vinaigrette
  6. Blueberry Basil & Goat Cheese Panini from Sinful Nutrition
  7. Blueberry Quinoa Salad from Minimalist Baker
  8. Fish Tacos with Blueberry-Almond Salsa from Gimme Some Oven
  9. Blueberries and Spinach with White Creamy Sauce Pizza from A Beautiful Mess
  10. Grilled Avocado, Corn and Blueberry Kale Salad from Patty’s Food

The Preserved Blueberry Recipes

Raspberry Blueberry Fruit Roll Up

  1. Blueberry-Raspberry Fruit Leather by Pickles Travel Blog
  2. Blueberry Syrup by Pickles Travel Blog
  3. Dehydrated Blueberries
  4. Blueberry Refrigerator Jam by Recipe Girl
  5. How to freeze blueberries
  6. Blueberry Jam with Mint from A Farmgirl’s Dabbles
  7. Blueberry Balsamic Vinegar from This Mama Cooks
  8. Blueberry Vanilla Jam
  9. Pickled Blueberries from Of Agates and Madeleines (Did someone say PICKLED!?)
  10. Whiskey Blueberry BBQ Sauce from Boulder Locavore

The Sweet Blueberry Recipes

High British Tea Time

  1. Very Blueberry Scones from Smitten Kitchen
  2. Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake from Sally’s Baking Addiction.
  3. Blueberry Crème Fraîche Cheesecake from Love and Olive Oil
  4. Bluebarb Cheesecake Ice Cream from Craving Something Healthy
  5. White Chocolate Blueberry Truffles from OMG Chocolate Desserts
  6. Blueberry Lemon Curd Pop Tarts from Broma Bakery
  7. Healthy Vanilla Yogurt Blueberry Popsicles from Lynzy and Co.
  8. Easy Blueberry Recipe for Pie by She Wears Many Hats
  9. Blueberry Pie Ice Cream Sandwiches from Honestly Yum
  10. Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes by The Cake Blog


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50 blueberry recipes worth eating

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