Linares: Heart of StreetArt


Linares, Spain nestled in the heart of the province of Jaen in Southern Spain (Andalucia) has some of the most amazing street art and graffiti in the world.

Smile between Hands

Linares: Once an important lead mining city it is now a hot spot in the world of street art and graffiti- lead by two linarenses (people from Linares) Myrhwan and Belin.

Their talent has attracted other artists to try their hand – filling the streets with beauty and color where before there was abandonment and blank “canvases”. Linares is now even home to the a Young Graffiti Artist Competition: El Certamen Joven de Graffiti


I would like to say to say that I know enough to distinguish who did what work, but I can’t. I would hate to give credit where there shouldn’t be and to not give credit where there should be. So with that I’ll just say enjoy the photos and visit Linares for even more and know that their (Belin, Myrhwan and others) talent is unparalleled by any!

Shades of Pink
Shades of Green
StreetArt Portrait
Remaking the Old Building
Hands on the Wall
Street Color

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