Minnesota Children’s Museum Reopens this June

I received a free family membership from the Minnesota Children’s Museum, but all opinions expressed are my own.

As the mom of an incredibly active babe under one who loves to play with others I am excited for the Minnesota Children’s Museum to re-open and even more so for their “Sprouts” area to open. The lovely folks at the Children’s Museum have described the Sprouts area as a “Joyful landscape of discovery for babies and toddlers.”

Minnesota Children’s Museum Reopens this June

Sprouts interactive display at Minnesota Children's Museum

Sprouts: A joyful landscape for babies to discover is the perfect description. There will be fountains for splashing, steps for exploring, nooks for reading and cuddling and even space for us parents. A kitchenette will be in place for snack time and even a space for private nursing. It will definitely be a winter-time favorite spot to spend an hour or two!

More details about the Sprouts room straight from the museum (since it’s not yet open for me to explore for you!):

  • Dribble, pour, fill and dump water through tubes and whirligigs
  • Investigate tiny doors and drawers to spark curiosity
  • Courageously conquer toddler-sized ramps and stairs
  • Touch and explore a myriad of textures
  • Project colors and shadows with light
  • Weave stories together in the snuggly book nook

Learning Bullets: Playing in this exhibit nurtures a child’s ability to:

  • Use large muscles to navigate uneven surfaces and steps
  • Gather information about their environment and make decisions
  • Challenge themselves to try new things
  • Think critically about how things work

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2 Thoughts on “Minnesota Children’s Museum Reopens this June

  1. MalisaNo Gravatar on May 18, 2017 at 3:25 pm said:

    We’re so excited for the museum to re-open, and my youngest babe will probably be a great age for this exhibit!

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