Nostalgia for Rural Life of the Past

Big white barn and silo beauty

Rural moments that belong to a time long since forgotten, which bring back waves of nostalgia are one of the beauties of traveling the rural countryside.

Every once in a while, as I’m driving down a dirt road, or venturing out further and further from any towns or cities I come across barns, homes or moments that feel like they’re locked in time. Moments that belong to a time 100 years ago, when we didn’t have all the crazy cool technology we have now (like no blogs, gasp). A time when things were much simpler, maybe not easier, but more simple.

Sometimes the moment just passes by, with a wave of nostalgia that passes over me; nostalgia for a time I never knew, but wish I had. Sometimes, like today, I stop and appreciate the moment, or take photos so that I can forever return to that sensation.

Laundry blows in the wind in front of barn

Today’s moment was of a beautiful big barn, with the colorful laundry blowing in the breeze in front of it. It is such a simple thing- laundry on the line, and yet it’s something that’s so rarely done nowadays. When I lived in Spain and Chile we didn’t know a dryer, so everything was dried out on the line, but that was smack dab in the city. There’s something magical about laundry when it’s surrounded by nothingness- just think, the wind that blows the sheets has blown for miles without coming up against a single obstruction, and since the sheets move with the wind, it just passes them by and keeps on going.

Farmstead with laundry and beautiful barn

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