Slate Mag bursts my pickle bubble

2010's Canned Pickles

A few days ago Slate published this article on a potential link between pickles and cancer, but only for those that eat a lot of pickled vegetables (Me). There really isn’t even much risk if you eat store-bought pickles- those that have been mass produced and “manufactured”. It really just affects those that eat a lot of home-canned pickles (or kimchi…). Yeah, me again.

I think I might be in the clear though. When I pickle my vegetables I do it fast. I pour over a hot vinegar solution and boil them for a short time in a hot water bath and am done. I mostly do this because I don’t have the patience to leave them in a salt brine for a day or two (I get too excited about the prospect of eating them). It sounds like the more time allowed to ferment the more risk involved. (This actually could be a good reason to eat the all right away too, I like the sound of that)

I figure anyone that comes to a sight titled “Pickles Travel” has to understand the need to eat all the great pickles of the world. I may cut back on my pickle consuming by eating one less pickle a month, but really, I’m going to live dangerously here – life’s not worth living without a good pickle! What do you think?

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