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Chicken Gravy made from scratch
Chicken Gravy made from scratch
Course Basics, Side Dish
Course Basics, Side Dish
Chicken Gravy made from scratch
  1. After roasted a chicken remove the chicken and any vegetables from the roaster. Leave all drippings in roaster.
  2. Allow roaster to cool down and pour in two cups of water. Let sit for 10 minutes to loosen up the fond that's stuck to the bottom.
  3. Using a wooden spoon, scrape up the fond and stir together all the drippings so that the water becomes dark with flavor.
  4. Place water mixture on stove at low heat and slowly add in the flour. Stir until flour is completely mixed in and the gravy becomes a smooth, thick consistency. Serve warm over chicken, rice or potatoes.
  5. Note: This makes a very thick gravy. If you like it thinner or have lots of guests, feel free to add another cup of water. If you have leftovers add some more water to the gravy mix when you reheat. This way it won't become too thick and you'll have more to share.
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