Favorite Place on Earth

The Majestic Dungeness Ruins on Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island in Southern Georgia, USA is at the top of my list. There are wild horses to be seen just about every time I go, and occasionally a dolphin will join us alongside the 45 min. ferry from St. Mary’s, Georgia.

The history of the island is fantastic and I learn something new every time I go; like this is the island where John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Carolyn Bessette got married. This book has made my trips out there all the more fulfilling, as it talks about the history of the island’s famous owners; from Nathaniel Greene, to the Carnegie family, and finally, to the National Park Service.

Of course where there’s history, there’s old buildings. There is nothing I like more than an abandoned building. It gives me the chance to use my imagination and visualize it as it was, “back in the day”.

Dungeness Ruins, Cumberland Island

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