Seoul-ful Seafood

Entering the Noryangin fish market

Entering the Noryangin fish market

The Noryangin fish market of Seoul is a litany of colors, smells and chaos. Stingray, baby octopus, every type of mollusk, crayfish, eels and so many fish, to which┬áI don’t know the names, are for sale in this must-see fish market. Although I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t be surprised if they even had some form of pickled something, somewhere (just because that is what would truly make this place magical)

The best part of the market is that you can pick out your lunch, fresh from the sea. Just decide what you want to eat, buy it, take a few more steps and have it cooked for you right then and there!

Bright lights from Fish Vendors

Seafood Choices at Fish Market

Seafood Choices at Fish Market

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