Minnesota River Floods

High Floodwaters of the Minnesota RiverHighways 169 and 22 from the south and 99 from the east into St. Peter have all now closed due to the Minnesota River flooding. The water level is supposed to crest sometime on Tuesday morning. Hopefully the rain in the forecast will hold off until the waters have receded somewhat.

Mill Pond Playground and Campsite in Saint Peter

High waters causing troubles for allWhile a “little” water doesn’t faze everyone, the waterlogged Mill Pond playground makes for more of a muddy sort of fun.

A few feet away, the boat landing is a completely different story. No one is coming or going here anytime soon!

Boat Landing and Parking Lot

Underwater Boat LandingThe water is not over the Highway 99 bridge, but it’s hitting the edges. Just to give you some perspective on the severity of this flooding. I took the following photos in September of 2013, at normal Minnesota River water levels. (taken with my iPhone as impromptu bridge shots, so excuse the lack of finishing on them)

2013 Non Flood waters

Taken from the same angle as the shots above, except without the water.
Highway 99 Bridge under normal conditions
Taken up closer to the river, looking over at the Highway 99 bridge, while standing in the boat landing area that is now completely covered in flood waters.

Highway 99 Broadway Bridge

Beautiful Highway 99 Bridge

Normally a busy street coming into the heart of Saint Peter, Broadway Bridge carries those traveling south on Highway 99 into town, but due to high waters it is closed off; forcing people to find new routes.

Closed Hwy 99 Bridge and high flood watersThe highway 99 bridge has been closed down until the flood waters recede. The water is not currently running over the bridge, but it is hitting the sides of it.

Onlookers check out the rising watersConcerned onlookers check out the high waters.
Beautiful day for horrible flooding
Bridge from the other side being hit with fast water
Incredibly dangerous, fast-moving floodwaters fly past the Broadway Bridge.

Highway 169

Flooding close to the road on 169

As of Sunday afternoon Highway 169 south out of St. Peter headed into Mankato was still open, although it was only open to one lane in some spots.

Lane closures due to high water on 169

By Sunday evening they closed the highway completely due to high waters.

Seven Mile Creek Park

travelers stop to take in the severity of flooding along 169

On lookers stopped to take in the severity of the flooding along Highway 169. They stopped at the entrance of what is normally parking area for Seven Mile Creek Park, which is completely underwater.

No matter what you do, be safe. Due to so many road closures make sure you plan your trip ahead of time to take some of the pain out of your commute.

Waterlogged StrollLooking for more flood coverage? Check out my friend Shannon’s blog post from photographs she took the same day. Scary stuff.


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  1. ShannonNo Gravatar on June 25, 2014 at 1:21 pm said:

    Beautiful images. As usual, I had a blast with you!! Can’t wait to venture out again!

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