Hike Rio Borosa in the Mountains of Spain

An Inviting Walk

The hike along Rio Borosa is an easy one that the whole family can enjoy. An easy day trip with phenomenal views and even a fish farm.
Fish Farm - Piscifactoria

Rio Borosa

The hike starts by passing by a Piscifactoria (Fish Factory/Farm) maybe my new favorite Spanish word. It just rolls off the tongue, plus it looks cool.

The Puente Baden Piscifactoria sits at the foot of the trout stream, Rio Borosa, near the town of Cazorla in rural Jaen and while the fish farm may not be worth the trip- the hike past it, following the river, certainly is!

Fish Farm

The first thing you notice, walking along this fresh water trout stream is the color of the water. Brilliant blues and greens swirl all around- begging you to jump in and enjoy its beauty (while signs warn against doing just that!)

2013.05.04 .cazorla-7565

The water is so fresh that they have several natural springs set up for drinking or refilling your water bottle. Sweet, fresh water from the mountain- while I was wary at first, after watching masses of people drink from them and having nothing happen I too gulped it down!

Fresh water springs
Following the Rio

It’s a 9 km walk to do the hike, some of it is easy walking, some more rocky and less groomed, but all of it beautiful (and you can bring along your dog!)

The Pup enjoys the hike

The Borosa River itself is gorgeous, but you are also surrounded by mountains. Looking up at the mountain folds (pliegues) and considering the years it took to form into the beauty it is today is as much a joy as looking down at the rushing water.

1000s of years of movement
2013.05.04 .cazorla-7580

Whatever draws you about the walk – just make sure to enjoy every second of being out in this natural paradise!

A great day trip – as far as I know the only way to arrive to this isolated spot is by car (by renting one, or by hiring a driver).


Head toward the Mountain town of Cazorla and from there you’ll wrap your way around and into the mountains on A-319, just a ways past the Torre del Vinagre. There is plenty of parking so you shouldn’t have any problem finding a spot. Go early in the day to beat the heat of the sun!

Rio Borosa

Rio Borosa, Cazorla, Spain in rural Jaen may be one of the most beautiful places to hike in Europe that you've never heard of. Definitely add this one to your bucket list. Click for more details!

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