Introduction to Study Abroad

Chile- Chile, 2003

This blog started too late to discuss my study abroad experiences as they happened, so I have decided to do a short series about study abroad. Some things have changed significantly since I was abroad (internet is now available in every home) and others have barely changed (completos are still completos and paella is still paella!).

I traveled abroad with an idea of what I thought I was going to experience, and came home with a completely different experience. I can only talk about my experiences as an exchange student and can’t guarantee how others would react. The hope of this series is to give you an idea of what it’s like to travel to distant lands, at length, as a student, even when you don’t know the language. I write based on my experiences to:

Linares, Jaen, Spain, from 1999-2000, as a high school student.

Valparaiso, Chile, in 2003, as a college undergrad.

I also want to give you resources to learn more and insights into what to look for in all the different angles of study abroad. The focus will be on staying abroad for a year, rather than the short terms options. Shorter terms options are also readily available and may be right for you, depending on your life situation.

High School Students Abroad
1. My AFS-Intercultural Exchange: Spain 1999-2000.
2. Questions to ask about your High School Study Abroad Program?

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