31 Days of Trees at MN State Parks

It’s Arbor month and the Minnesota State Park system is doing an incredible social media campaign called “31 Days of Trees” to raise awareness about the importance of trees.

31 Days of Trees at MN State Parks

May is Arbor Month so the MN DNR created 31 days of trees, a Minnesota State Park giveaway for a chance to win state park passes and share why you love the trees

The best part of this campaign is that if you use the #31daysoftrees tag on your social media posts during the month of May, you will be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 5 state park passes plus 10 trees will be planted in your name- which is pretty freaking awesome!

MN State Park passes are typically $25, which isn’t a lot of money considering what you get for that amount. These passes will get you into over 70 parks across the state of Minnesota for an entire year makes it an incredible deal, so even if you don’t win I recommend buying one (or get the state park license plates, like I did!)

While they aren’t exactly saying that there are categories for the winning images they do plan on picking a photo for: best selfie, best video, best location, most unique tree and most creative way to get your daily dose of trees… You can learn more on their website here.

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