Betting on Beauty – A day at the races in photos


Horses are amazing animals- they are industrious, huge and strong, and they are gentle and beautiful. All of these are critical (and so much more that I know nothing about) when it comes to horse racing I know nothing about horse betting, but when you spend the day at the races, such as I did today, at Canterbury Park, in Minnesota, it’s hard to not get involved and “throw” some money around.

cantebury-3089 Great views from the betting floor
cantebury-3025A gorgeous day with only one rain “incident” to keep things exciting!

A series of short races makes up a race day, including the Minnesota Derby race. There were 10 in all. Between each race there was plenty of time to place bets and take photos of the park and the horses as they were announced.


But the true excitement was once the race started. The strength of the horse ripples through its body as it runs. I took too many photos of the animals as they raced, but I was in awe.


If you’re going to go – Thursday and Friday evenings, Saturday and Sundays all day are open to the public at Canterbury Park in Shakopee, MN.


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