Stellar Customer Service

I had a great customer service experience today. Since traveling can be so incredibly stressful, I feel that I should point out the bright points. We flew to China today and were supposed to have a layover en route to Beijing. When we arrived at the airport in Seoul, the ticket counter informed us that our first flight had been delayed; by over an hour! I was already freaking out a bit (ok, a lot) because our original layover was only going to be an hour and a half… In my experience that is barely long enough to catch another flight, much less go through customs. Needless to say, an hour delay wasn’t going to work for us.

Before I could even utter a word of complaint, or ask to have our flights changed, the amazing lady at the counter informed us that she was aware of our situation. She called another agent over and together they got us put on on a direct flight for Beijing! Did I mention that they did all of this before we even asked for it?

Here is what they (China Southern Airlines/Korean Air) did right:

  • They were aware of the problem before we were.
  • They came up with a great solution to the problem and were ready to present us with it.

I personally think that our USA airlines could learn a lesson (or 2) from this!

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