5 Quiet Beaches near Jacksonville

Little Talbot IslandThe Beaches of the Talbot Islands are more likely to be deserted than densely populated!

White sands, quiet serenity, long walks with not another soul in sight- these 5 quiet beaches near Jacksonville will give you that.

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I am not a fan of loud, busy beaches with sky scrapers, stores, and hotels powering over you, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this list of beaches probably won’t be too fun for you!

That being said, you may need to stay in one of those hotels to be able to do day trips out to these amazing beaches. Here is a great list of hotels in and around Jacksonville.

5 Quiet Beaches near Jacksonville

A few of the best empty, “wilderness beaches” near the JAX airport/Jacksonville, Florida area and south Georgia. They are always quieter on the week days and even more so in the winters, but if you’re coming from the north you won’t even notice the slight “chill” in the air.

Cumberland Island

Peace and Serenity is what you’ll find on Cumberland Island

My favorite place and beaches are on Cumberland Island. The park service regulates how many people are out on the island with their ferry rides and there aren’t that many boat docking spots for those with their own boats, so it’s easy to feel like you’re on a deserted island when exploring Cumberland. Plenty of history and beauty to be seen inland when you’ve had enough of the beach!

I would recommend staying in or around St Mary’s, Georgia if you’re planning on visiting Cumberland. The National Park service ferry leaves rom the dock in St. Mary’s and it’s so much more convenient than staying in Jacksonville!

Jekyll Island
Jekyll Island Beach

Low Tide on the Northern End of Jekyll Island

My second favorite place for beach walking is Jekyll. At low tide the beaches here go on forever and provide for some really nice walking, sand-dollar-searching and good old relaxation. When not interested in the beaches there are things for the whole family to do, including a sea turtle sanctuary, where you can learn about the efforts being made to save the lives of sea turtles. When you get done with that take a historical tour of the beautiful Victorian homes and learn about the history of Jekyll Island.

Jekyll Island has some phenomenal old hotels with character and charm, as well as new ones. This list gives you a great break-down of the different hotel options (and keeps you closer to the beautiful beaches!)

Fishing Pier at Jekyll Island

Fernandina Beach (Fort Clinch State Park)
Take Flight

Gulls take flight on Fernandina Beach

On the northern part of Amelia Island Fernandina Beach escapes from the grasps of civilization and becomes quiet and peaceful. While the sand is a bit more coarse than Jekyll and Cumberland, there is still plenty of fun to be had. After the beach tour go and check out some of Fort Clinch State Park- it’s amazing and offers some beautiful views of the ocean.

Wondering where to stay on Amelia Island near Fernandina Beach? Start with this list. Remember how I dislike hotels along the beach? I’ve always stayed as close to Fort Clinch State Park as possible by staying in VRBO properties, this list will get you started!

Little Talbot Island
Driftwood Beach

Driftwood Beach, Little Talbot, lives up to its name

Walking through the soft sand on the Driftwood Beach of Little Talbot is always worth the stop. It’s illegal here to pick up driftwood and bring it home, and so it stays. The shapes and sizes of some of the trees that have become a part of the view is well worth the walk! If you’re a fisherman, there are plenty of excellent fishing spots along here as well!
Little Talbot

Big Talbot Island
Tracks in the Sand

There is nothing better than a walk in deep, soft sand

Equally beautiful is Big Talbot Island, which you’ll find right next to the Little one and where your feet sink into the soft, warm sand with every step.

Beach travel tips for great destinations near Jacksonville, Florida if you're looking for a nice quiet place to escape the winter weather and relax

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