Ice Fishing in Photos: A True Minnesotan Pastime

“Cold” ice fishing on Lake Francis

Remember that part in the bible where it talks about Jesus walking on water… Well I’ve driven on water.

Winter in Minnesota gets cold, ridiculously cold. The lakes freeze over so you can walk out on it. Once the ice gets to about 18″ thick then I’m even comfortable driving out on it (without my seat belt, of course, just in case).

And you can’t enjoy a lake in Minnesota without doing some fishing… which is where ice fishing comes into play.

White's Corner Bait Shop
The adventure begins by purchasing bait – a local run shop is best. Get insights into what’s biting and where. White’s Corner Bait in Madison Lake is one of those stores!

Cold Ice House
There are three ways to ice fish- a hole in the ice and a bucket upon which to sit: “extremely cold” fishing, a portable ice house with or without heater: “cold” fishing (like the one above) or a tricked out trailer version, complete with heater, TV, bed, oven, whatever: “warm” fishing (below)

Length of Ice House

Drilling the Hole
Pick a spot and Drill through all that ice to start catching dinner!

Cold vs. Warm Ice Fishing
The ice holes once covered with their respective ice homes. (“cold and “warm” versions)

Ice House Fishing
Then just sit back, relax and wait for the fish to come to you (there’s obviously more to it, but we’ll save that for another day, another post)

The Catch

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