Stay warm with MSP Skyway Systems

Skyway Systems

It’s true- the winters in Minnesota are brutal. Luckily there is a solution and it’s right above your head – the Skyway System!


The Wonder
The Minneapolis skyway system is the longest continuous skyway system in the world! It links 69 blocks and over 7 miles of downtown space. This allows you to work, eat, shop and live – without ever leaving the comfort and warmth of the good ole’ indoors!

Saint Paul’s system is much the same, though on a smaller scale, as its downtown is smaller

Underground Skyway

The Hours
Neither skyway is open 24/7, though you probably won’t need to use the skyway during the hours it’s closed. St. Paul’s skyways are open from 6 AM to 2 AM every day and Minneapolis is very similar

Second Floor TunnelsDuring the work week the skyways are extremely busy with shoppers, diners and professionals. On the weekend, as with in this photo, shops and restaurants are closed so the skyways are much quieter.

If you want to experience the skyway at it’s best, go during the week, between 10 AM and 4:30 PM.

Marked Intersections

The Maze
The skyways mostly have been marked, but they are still one big maze. Your initial foray into the skyways may be a bit of a challenge. If you see a skyway above, most doors at street level will have some way to get to it- just enter and find your way to the second floor. My recommendation is to print out a map before leaving. Don’t be afraid to ask for help- we’ve all gotten lost a few (hundred) times!


The Maps
A great new, user friendly map of the Minneapolis system is here.

Here’s the one for the Saint Paul Skyway System.


Inside warmth

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