Post Thanksgiving Art Walk

Mankato Art WalkChasing my tail again by Matt Miller

It’s Thanksgiving, you’re surrounded by family and friends, you’ve just had a ton to eat, and perhaps even a nap, but there’s still some light to the day (the weather’s great)…

What to do? How about a stroll around downtown Mankato, MN- An Art Walk!

North Mankato and Mankato have over 30 sculptures placed along the main streets of town- easy to view and enjoy day or night, rain or shine. There are 34 in all and they are so well nestled into the two cities that you may not even notice them all. The installations change from year to year, so for a tour of this year’s CityArt Walk make sure to check out the tour guide.

Below is a short photo essay of some of my favorites.

ReflectionsReflections by D.C. McDermott (and my personal favorite!)
To Love is to BeTo Love is to Be by Martin Eichinger — Pure, raw emotion…
Aplomb Aplomb by Luke Achterberg — Swirls, motion and color, what’s not to love!
Circle of FriendsCircle of Friends by Karen Crain — Makes me want to curl up with a good book!

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