Raw Wounds at The War Memorial of Korea

Remembering the Fallen, Korean War Memorial

The War Memorial of Korea is a tribute to all that have been affected by war. The main focus of the memorial is the Korean War, something that still affects Koreans today. There are many powerful statues and displays both inside and out that help remind everyone of what war can do.

Remembering the Korean War

I may be reading into it, but I saw the suffering of a war between families even more than that of one between lands. The statue below (Statue of Two Brothers) is especially heart wrenching. I should have taken a photo of it from the side, because as you walk around the dome (“land”) upon which they are standing you see that there is a huge crack down the middle, right between them that gets wider towards the bottom. As I looked at it, I pictured the crack widening and literally pulling them apart as the land shifted…

The Statue of Two Brothers

Something that I found amazing and incredibly touching is how much emphasis there was on thanking those involved. One whole wing of the museum pays tribute to all the different UN countries that came to S. Korea’s aid during the war. There is even an area on the main level that pays tribute to each person involved, by name. Now that is gratitude.

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