5 Reasons to Ride in the Combine during Harvest

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A lot of hard work goes into a harvest. Getting in that combine during harvest signifies so many things. The end of a season, a year of hard work, accomplishment and probably even some loss (especially considering the weather as of late). Combining to bring in the harvest during the tiny window of time that is late fall means late hours, long days, waiting and plenty of dirt for those who make farming their living, but it’s all worth it in the end. And while some of these things you can’t know without living it, there are windows into that world every once in awhile and sitting in the jumper seat of a combine is one of those windows.

There’s something magical about riding up above the world in the combine, watching the corn stalks break down in front of me or the soybeans fall into the basket behind you.

Always take advantage of a good combine ride!

5 Reasons to Ride in the Combine during Harvest


1. The Size.
It’s a big, bad-ass machine. Seriously- the front tires are probably taller than most people- which means you’re sitting on top of the world when you’re riding along!


2. The History.
Farming made the midwest and America what it is today- combines made farming so much easier! While not nearly as much small time farming happens today as it used to, just drive through the flat prairies of the midwest and you’ll see how critical the farming community is to the local economies.

Riding along in the combine will give you new insights as to how incredible  farmers are- their resilience, hard work and everything in between shines bright during the harvest season.


3. The Stories.
Every farm family has their share stories; from wild animals to burning equipment and far worse, to random acts of kindness and neighbors looking out for one another. As well as stories of adventure, love, and family – it’s all there, you just have to take the time to hear them- which is exactly what will happen as you go up and down, row after row, harvesting corn/soybeans or anything else.

4. The Technology.
GPS, GIS, monitors, computers, you name it, the combine probably uses it in some way shape or form in order to give the farmer as much information back about the field, crop and yield (harvest numbers) as possible! Farming is a high data intensive profession and it’s pretty cool to see it at it’s finest from the jump seat of the combine.

Ready for the Haul

5. The Pattern.
There is something incredibly soothing about the methodical back and forth through the rows of corn, soybeans or whatever crop is being harvested. Watching the stalks or plants come down and the crop collected is calming. Nothing gives off an immediate sense of accomplishment like taking in the crop!


Plus- it’s just plain good, old fashioned fun with some of the hardest working people you will ever meet- Farmers!

Have you ever ridden in a combine during harvest? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the experience below!

Fall has so many wonderful activities like corn mazes and apple farms but harvest is the biggest of them all and riding in a combine the biggest and grandest of all the activities. Here are 5 reasons that everyone should ride a combine, especially educational for children.

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  1. So fun! We LOVE visiting the family farm each year and getting a combine ride with my uncle. LOVE our American Farmers!

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