Sibley County Barn

Barn Weathervane

On a working farm the barns are one of the most important parts of the business. That’s what they were built for and that’s what keeps them ‘alive’. Unfortunately that also means that sometimes they’re not the most photogenic. But all barns are beautiful, it’s just in the details.

This Sibley County barn is a busy worker on this beef farm. That means that it’s constantly getting a workout and may have it’s run down days. The details are what make it especially spectacular though.

Staircase to barn

From the beautiful cow-shaped weathervane, to the rickety stairs leading to the hay mow and loft area, to the entire landscape of the farm. There is something magical about a working farm, day in and day out.

Sunset on the farm at the barn

View of the farm from the roadWide-mouthed barn

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