5 Winter Safety Tips for Pets

Snowball fun with dogs one and two

Happy winter everyone! It’s Pepper again. I don’t know how the other pets out there feel, but I think that this winter has been dragging on forever. Here are some great winter tips for pets to keep in mind to help keep us safe inside and out this chilly season!

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5 Winter Safety Tips for Pets

1. Keep your pet warm.

I love the outdoors and play in the snow as much as I can handle, but I have long fur and sometimes snow gets stuck to my fur, which could lead to problems. So my mom keeps the fur between my toes trimmed. (Grooming is a good idea for long-haired dogs such as myself – just make sure to dress us up warm when we go outside then.)

If your pet spends significant time outdoors makes sure that they have a warmer shelter to go to- removed from cold surfaces like concrete and asphalt.

2. Play time is more important than ever.

Since it’s too cold to spend much time outside I run laps with my mom around the the rooms of the house, playing tag. It’s just as fun, but warmer than outside.

If you don’t have enough room to run around use toys and play tug of war. Use a string with a feather tied to the end for your cat to chase and try and capture. Or let me chase this rubber ball around the living room- I promise it’ll keep your pup busy for hours!

3. Water.

Make sure the water bowl always has enough water in it. Minnesota winters are dry so hydrating your pet is more important than ever. Snow or water runoff from the street is not something you want us to drink, there are way too many chemicals mixed in.

When hiking or exploring outside make sure to bring enough water for both you and your pet.

This water bottle is awesome- it carries water for you both and has a detachable water dish at the bottom- Win Win

4. Go outside.

Pepper ice fishing on Lake Washington

When it’s nice out get outside with your pet for some fresh air. Your pet will be ready for a longer walk after being cooped up they won’t know what to do with themselves.

Just make sure to protect their feet from the extreme cold, ice and even salt chemicals meant to melt the ice.

These dog shoes are my favorites as they also protect against rough terrain the rest of the year too.

I get so excited about going outside when the sun is out that my mom usually starts our “walks” out with a quick race between us two. I always win, but who’s counting.

5. Use your pet collar.

Sometimes us pets act like we don’t want to wear our collars, but we don’t understand how important they are.

Lots of pets get lost in the winter because scents that would normally help guide them home can be masked by snow or ice. If they’re wearing a collar it’s likely that some kind soul will help them find their way back home.

Dog Safety tips, coats, clothes, and Ideas for the winter that helps keep them warm in cute outfits and making sure they're safe in the winter and cold weather season- whether you're traveling for the holidays or just out for a walk


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