Top 5 Sights at MN State Fair

Exxopolis: Luminarium

The Great Minnesota Get-Together always has lots to see and do; from fair rides, to food on a stick, to parades. You’re never short something to do, but why not switch it up this year and see some of those quirky pieces you may not normally visit. This list of the Top 5 Sights at MN State Fair will be sure to keep you entertained!

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Top 5 Sights at MN State Fair

1. Luminarium: A big plastic castle, that from the outside looks like a blow up bouncer, but is anything but.

Cloud Colors in Luminarium

2. Coliseum Horse & Buggy: The coliseum is a wonderful place to get away from the heat of the day and grab a quick nap, if you’re so inclined. It’s also a great place to watch shows and competitions, like the horse drawn carriages.

Horse Drawn Buggy

3. Animal Barns: Watching the families interact with their animals is the best part; but if you don’t live near a farm this is also a great way to get up and personal with the animals. Just make sure you ask permission before petting them!

Sheep Grooming

4. Crop Art: A Minnesota tradition- literally what it sounds like; art created by using crops (or seeds). Located in the Agriculture/Horticulture building- the sometimes political, but always beautiful crop art pictures are worth the trip, as are the flour sacks that decorate the walls!

Crop Art

Flour Sacks and Crop Art

5. The Litter Sculpture in front of the DNR building: Every year a new sculpture and every year made completely of trash, litter, to be exact, in order to bring people’s awareness to littering. In 2013 it’s a beautiful, yet haunting tree, in 2011 it was an elk with a heron in it’s horns.

Litter Tree

2011 litter sculpture

Extra Credit for this hot week: Water Misters: Go ahead, stand under them, in front of them- let them do their job and cool you down! It’s hot out there and we don’t want you getting sick- plus they’re so cool (literally and figuratively)!

Enjoying the cool-down from the misterAnd don’t forget to get some fried pickles for me (for extra, extra credit, of course!)!

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5 Thoughts on “Top 5 Sights at MN State Fair

  1. Great list! Now I wish I was going again so I could see the Luminarium.

    • Thanks Haley! I may have to go back again too, just cause :c) – the Luminarium was my favorite hands down- though I think it would be terrible to be in there if it were really crowded!

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