Beaver Creek Valley State Park

Beaver Creek Valley state park creek

Beaver Creek Valley state park is the most south eastern park in the state of Minnesota. Getting there may feel like a chore, but once you arrive you won’t want to leave. Nestled into the valley of Beaver Creek it’s breathtaking to explore the creek bottom and even more outstanding when you climb the steep valley and emerge out on top of the world!

Beaver Creek Valley State Park

Overlook at Beaver Creek Valley state park Switchback Trail

The region of Minnesota where Beaver Creek Valley state park is located is called the ‘Driftless Area‘. The deep river valleys and elevations are a result of having escaped the last glaciers that flattened the rest of the region. The benefit of a state park being located in a valley is that you can climb to the top of one of those valleys to look out over the valleys for some outstanding views.

Hiking at Beaver Creek Valley state park

The slopes are quite steep and have loose rocks in several spots so watch your step as you ascend, but keep your eyes and ears open for wildlife- deer, bald eagles and numerous other animals live in the woods so tread softly and you’ll probably see something amazing.

Wire bridge at Beaver Creek Valley state park

Following along the walking paths you will cross a bridge that looks like your normal, every day wooden bridge, until you step out onto it. Then it becomes evident that it’s actually a swinging wire bridge- and at its center it definitely swings. It also sits above a nice trout stream (fishing is allowed when in season- make sure to follow all the DNR guidelines).

Beaver Creek Valley state park roads

The roads along the valley include driving through the creek in a few places, which is very exciting for young children and make for great instagram stories.

Hiking Club

Beaver Creek Valley State Park Hiking Club

This is not the easiest of hiking club trails, but it is one of the most beautiful. The Beaver Creek Valley State Park hiking club wraps it’s way around the entire park while giving you a great work out of 6.2 miles. Expect uneven paths and several ups and downs.


One camper cabin (electricity, available April through October) and 48 camping sites line the valley- each nestled into it’s own perfect little setting.

Hike, explore, camp and fish for trout at Beaver Creek Valley state park located in the driftless area of Minnesota | for more MN state parks visit

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