Harvest Shared through the Generations

Generations of Farming

A lot of hard work goes into a harvest. Late hours, long days, waiting and plenty of dirt, but it’s all worth it in the end. There’s something magical about riding up above the world in the combine, watching the corn stalks break down in front of me/us or the soybeans fall into the basket behind me/us.

Harvest in Minnesota

Harvest shared with Family

Harvest is all the more amazing when you think about how so many families have been working the same land for hundreds of years. While small scale farming doesn’t exist at the level today hat it did a century ago, there are still families working the land- generation after generation.

Family of Farmers

I grew up close to this beautiful family and was honored when they asked me to be a part of their memory preservation of harvest time! Three generations out there, working the same land the generation before them worked (5 total generations of this family have farmed this land- and going strong!)


Truly an amazing few days- from an all out picnic lunch out of the back pick-up, in the middle of the field, on a perfect fall day, to combining in several different fields and crops! The pictures more than speak for themselves, so as excited as I am, I’ll stop the chatter and let you enjoy.

Farmer Hands

I love, love, love hands and the stories they tell. There is nothing better than a old, beautiful hand that has spent it’s life working the land!

Working the Land Working the LandAll in a days work as a farmer

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