Hovland and Trinity Lutheran Church

Trinity Lutheran Church; a church fit for the rural life. Beautiful, strong, and vibrant, this ELCA church is located in Hovland, you can’t miss it as you drive towards Canada along Highway 61 in northern Minnesota.

Hovland is a small community with not much more than the Trinity Lutheran church, town hall and a small convenience store/deli, located in the arrowhead region of northern Minnesota, just 20 miles from Canada, 19 miles from Grand Marais and a few miles from the Naniboujou Lodge.

The church is the highlight most of the year, but sometimes it shares the spotlight with the arts community, which really knows how to throw a party. With the sounds of music wafting out over the highway, and cars parked along each side of Highway 61 for blocks the yearly Hovland Arts Festival draws in the crowds to the tiny parking lot and area surrounding the church and town hall. With a typical community cooperation attitude Trinity Lutheran gets involved as well by hosting a benefit lunch. The lunch allows visitors from all over and myself a chance to revel in the beautiful stone walls and high, wooden ceilings, eat a great meal, and support a rural community church all at the same time.

Trinity Lutheran Church and the Hovland Town Hall sit nestled back in the trees, comfortably awaiting visitors.

Trinity Lutheran Church in Hovland, Cook County, MN

Although the Trinity Lutheran congregation has been around for over 100 years their church building is more “modern”. Built in the 1940s the Trinity Lutheran Church is a backdrop of community involvement, sharing and giving. For anyone that has spent time in Cook County knows the people of Grand Marais have a particularly artistic and creative streak that adds beauty to everything they touch.


For example, the wooden statue of Christ that hangs over the door is 14 feet tall was designed by Dorothy Diver and Arnold Flaten and has been there since 1949. The community was as involved in the construction of the church- Lumber from Otis Anderson’s sawmill was used to build the church.

Trinity Lutheran Church interior Exquisite wooden beam ceilings in Hovland


Trinity Lutheran is incredibly welcoming of visitors to their church services and would love to have you join them.

Worship: 8:30 am on Sunday mornings.

Address: 4957 E Hwy 61, Hovland MN 55606 – Follow Hwy. 61 out of Grand Marais, along Lake Superior, Trinity Lutheran will be on your left hand side.
Cross sculpture in front of hovland trinity lutheran church

2 Thoughts on “Hovland and Trinity Lutheran Church

  1. Pastor Kris GareyNo Gravatar on June 19, 2015 at 3:28 pm said:

    Wow, we werejust in the process of getting our domain name renewed and so did a search…and found your lovely Blog site mentioning Trinity and Hovland. THANK YOU!
    Great photos as well…
    Did we meet when you were here?
    Pastor Kris Garey
    P.s. is it possible to borrow your photos and give you credit?
    Hopefully our website will be back up in a short time, but the problem we had meant searching and that led to your blog—fun!!

    • Greta AlmsNo Gravatar on June 19, 2015 at 3:34 pm said:

      Hi Pastor Kris-
      What a wonderful note to receive! I’m so glad you liked the photos and am honored that you would like to use them- Which you certainly may do with credit back to the site. Let me know if you have any issues.
      Unfortunately no, we weren’t able to meet as it was a pretty crowded day when we visited- the Hovland craft fair was going on so there were lots of people. I would love to be there for a service someday- it’s a lovely space for worship!
      Good luck with getting your website back up and running :-)

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