Tuna Fish and Avocado Appetizer

Tuna Fish and Avocado Appetizer
It’s Academy Awards time again!  Which means it’s time to plan for an unforgettable Oscar’s party! What better way to celebrate the glitz and glam of some incredibly powerful movies by some of the best names in the business than by creating an appetizer menu to reflect said movies.

My friend and fellow blogger Haley at Cheap Recipe Blog had the wonderful idea of creating a themed party based on all the movies that were nominated for Best Picture. You can see the last years’ links here and here. The premise is that each blogger is given (or chooses) a movie and told to create an appetizer or dessert that reflected the movie in one way or another.

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The Shape of Water

This year my movie is The Shape of Water, by Guillermo del Toro- one of my favorite directors of all time! Like all of his movies, it’s crazy, but incredible. Watch the trailer to learn what it’s about and the movie to see it all!

While it may seem to be a bit rude to choose an appetizer that has fish in it, considering the subject of the movie, I wanted to pick something that was symbolic of a “bagged lunch”. Something she would have brought with her to work and eaten with him, and deviled eggs just didn’t quite work for me (it’s been done too many times!)

Tuna Fish and Avocado Appetizer

Adding in the Avocado to the Tuna Fish Appetizer

I figured tuna fish sandwiches are a pretty easy brown-bag lunch staple, so turned that idea into an appetizer.

I used a high end canned tuna fish, which you can purchase here, as the tuna fish base. For one, it’s sustainably caught, and for two the flavor is so much better! There’s just something delicious about food that’s been carefully caught and processed, rather than mass produced (but that’s a rant for another day- I’m being insensitive to the fishman!)

The olive oil was actually a garlic olive oil (purchase here) which just made the flavor just slightly more robust, but is definitely not a requirement. Adding in avocado makes the mixture smooth and just that much more flavorful. Garlic salt then helps pull out the flavors (and add in some more garlicky goodness)

Lastly, I used cayenne pepper because I love a hint of heat in everything I eat, but it’s plenty good without it. So if heat isn’t your thing, leave it out.

Top the dip on top of your favorite crackers- did someone say Jalapeño crackers!? and serve with all your other apps for a delicious night of movie fun!


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Canned Tuna Fish and Avocado Appetizers
Canned Tuna Fish Avocado Appetizers
Canned Tuna Fish Avocado Appetizers
  1. Combine all ingredients and mix together.
  2. Use mixture for dipping or layer on crackers for a more elegant presentation.
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Academy Awards Appetizer Party

Now I promised an Oscar’s Party- which means recipes for most of the movies!

Here is a list of all my other blogging friends who made recipes to correspond with a movie nominee. Try them all and let me know which was your favorite!

Darkest HourChocolate Tuile Cigars with Whisky Ganache from Suzanne of Flour Arrangements

DunkirkStrawberry Brie Crostinis from Sharon of The Honour System

Call Me By Your Name: Peach Focaccia from Kara of K&R Adventures

Get OutBlack and White Cookies from Julia of Girl Meets Kitchen

Lady BirdOrange Baked Chicken Sandwiches from Alice of Dining With Alice

Phantom ThreadMushroom Toasts from Haley of Cheap Recipe Blog

The PostOrange Vanilla Martinis from Holly and Lane of With Two Spoons

Best Picture Oscars 2018 - The Shape of Water

6 Thoughts on “Tuna Fish and Avocado Appetizer

  1. Alice SeuffertNo Gravatar on February 11, 2018 at 12:35 pm said:

    We love tuna fish and I think this is a super tasty twist! Trying this soon, thanks!

    • Thanks Alice- I love tunafish as well, but didn’t know how well it would go over, as I know there are a lot of people that don’t. Hope you guys enjoy it- and the Oscars!

  2. What a fun idea! 💡 I love the avocado for the creaminess and I always am in for a bit of spice.

  3. Haley @ Cheap Recipe BlogNo Gravatar on February 25, 2018 at 8:22 pm said:

    I love tuna & I love avocado. Done deal!
    Thanks so much for participating again!!!

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